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EEVL Launches EEVL Xtra

:: Roddy MacLeod sent a note about the new EEVL service, known as EEVL Xtra:

EEVL Xtra is a brand new, free service which can help you find articles, books, the best websites, the latest industry news, job announcements, technical reports, technical data, full text eprints, the latest research, teaching and learning resources and more, in engineering, mathematics and computing.
EEVL Xtra searches parts of the web that Google doesn't. It cross-searches >20 collections relevant to engineering, mathematics, and computing, including content from >50 publishers and other providers, and "deep mines" these collections. As for full text:
In many cases, the full text of items should be freely available (e.g. from the following databases/collections: arXiv, CiteSeer, CSA Hot Topics, EEVL Ejournal Search Engine, ePrints UK, EEVL Website Search Engine, NACA, NASA, OneStep Jobs, OneStep Industry News).

In some cases, the full items are just details of books or websites (e.g. from the following databases/collections: Copac, EEVL, Pearson Education, SearchLT Engineering) and to get the full text you will need to click through to the website, or find a library which holds the book, or buy a copy of the book.

In some cases, the full text of items may be available to you if your institution subscribes to the publication (and if your institution has something called an OpenURL Resolver, you should be able to click straight through to the full text), or by pay per view. This is the case with the following databases/collections: Recent Advances in Manufacturing, Inderscience, Zetoc.

More details are available on About EEVL Xtra, as well as the press release.

The individual collections can be searched in different combinations on the Advanced Search page. Results appear quickly, or take a looong time (CISTI and zetoc searches on "martian atmosphere" are still running as I type this!) The Basic Search allows for a simple phrase or word search, and lets you restrict the search by category, such as articles, key websites, books, industry news, etc. I'm tempted to point out shortcomings as compared to other dbs, but considering it's built with a shoestring budget from seven sponsors, I think it's quite the accomplishment of the EEVL'lites! Roddy notes in an e-mail that "I reckon that this service has lots of potential..." and I agree; he also advised that "More databases are due to be added soon. There's a temporary problem with a couple of the larger databases just now, but this should be fixed in the next day or two."

The one thing I can't determine is the difference between EEVL Xtra and EEVL itself. Roddy, care to elaborate, my friend? Hats off to Roddy & Co for creating another useful and innovative information-finding service for engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists.


Thanks for those comments, Randy.

I suppose the big difference between EEVL Xtra and EEVL is that EEVL Xtra 'deep mines' a relatively small number of databases, and searches the actual contents of those databases - just like a federated search service.

The core EEVL service, on the other hand, 'shallow mines' or rather 'points to' a large number (12,000) quality websites.

You can use the core EEVL service to locate good websites, but in the case of databases such as CiteSeer, or IoP Electronic Journals, etc, you can't search their actual content from the core EEVL site.

The core EEVL site is good for browsing for quality websites.

EEVL Xtra is good for searching for very specific things.

Some of the databases cross-searched by EEVL are also included in the core EEVL site. And in fact (gulp) the EEVL Internet Resource Catalogue is cross-searched by EEVL Xtra.

Hmm - the more I try to explain this, the more complicated it becomes :-)

Essentially - use the core EEVL site to find starting points or for browsing, and use the EEVL Xtra site for more specific searches, or for finding articles, etc.

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