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Articles of Interest

:: Bonnie Osif, Librarian at Penn State Engineering Library, has an article in the latest issue of the Journal of Engineering Education. The article is co-authored with Gül E Okudan, and the title is: Effect of Guided Research Experience on Product Design Performance. Here is the abstract:

Designing, generally, requires a team effort. Consequently, several variables affecting team performance have been studied, such as team composition, female/male ratio in the organization, and teamwork skills training. This study furthers this effort by investigating the effect of guided external research during the concept generation phase of the design process. The premise of the study is that as resources increase in number and complexity, and time constraints pressure an overcrowded curriculum, professors are challenged to find new methods to train students in the skills needed for the constantly changing workplace.

One technique to address this issue, a creative collaboration and its impact on design team performance, is discussed in the paper. First, the approach for incorporating guided research into curriculum is explained, and then the results of the study are presented, which indicate that a higher design performance can be achieved when guided research is added to design teaching.

Okudan, Gül E., and Bonnie Osif, "Effect of Guided Research Experience on Product Design Performance," Journal of Engineering Education, v94 n2, April 2005, pp. 255-262. A preprint of the article is available here.

Yours truly has a column in the latest issue of the SLA Chemistry Division E-Newsletter. The article is called A Brief Guide To Finding Chemical and Petroleum Prices and Other Statistical Information, and is available for viewing on the SLA Chemistry Division site.

Reichardt, Randy, "A Brief Guide To Finding Chemical and Petroleum Prices and Other Statistical Information," SLA Chemistry Division E- Newsletter, v19 issue4, Spring 2005, pp. 4-5.

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