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Survey: Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computer Sciences and Technology Reference Tools

:: Diane Kovacs has posted the following message to a number of discussion lists, and is looking for input:

Dear Colleagues,
I've posted this survey to LIS-Scitech, STS-L, ELDNET-L, publib,
libref-l, LIS-LINK, DIG_REF, ERIL-L, Buslib-L, Govdoc-L, and
livereference. Please feel free to forward to your local or regional
discussion lists or individuals that might be interested:

Physical Sciences - http://www.kovacs.com/surveys/physscicoresurvey.html
Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology -

These are updates of the core reference surveys I've been doing every
other year or so. I will post the data I gather back to the lists I
post the surveys to for everyone to share. I am revising and will
post additional reference subject core tools surveys well.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful assistance.
Diane K. Kovacs, Web Teacher

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