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JSTOR Collection Announcement: Biological Sciences Collection

:: As announced by JSTOR on 13 April 2005:

JSTOR is very pleased to introduce the Biological Sciences Collection. The Biological Sciences Collection will include at least 100 titles when it is completed by the end of 2007. This collection will bring together the twenty-nine journals available in our existing Ecology & Botany Collection with more than seventy titles new to JSTOR. The journals in this collection offer greater depth in fields such as biodiversity, conservation, paleontology, and plant science, in addition to introducing new areas such as cell biology and zoology.

In developing the Biological Sciences Collection, JSTOR has partnered with two leading organizations in biological sciences publishing: the Ecological Society of America (ESA) and BioOne. Similar to the assistance they provided with the development of Ecology & Botany, the ESA assembled a committee of scholars to review and recommend journals to us, in addition to taking the lead in securing a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to digitize a portion of the collection. BioOne has joined this collaboration by facilitating the inclusion of many BioOne participating publications in the collection. In the future we hope to develop cross-site searching and article-level links between BioOne and JSTOR.

We invite you to view the complete details for this new collection on JSTOR’s web site. For collection descriptions, fee information, journal lists, and participation instructions, please see:


We are very happy to facilitate the growth and diversification of the JSTOR archive holdings with this new collection. The multidisciplinary JSTOR Arts & Sciences and Biological Sciences collections and the existing discipline-specific collections (e.g. Business, Ecology & Botany) have been designed to offer participation flexibility for libraries and institutions. With several options available, participants are able to choose both the collections and growth paths that are most appropriate for their needs.

This is great news, especially for campuses with large biological sciences departments like our own.


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