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Stuff You Don't Learn in Engineering School - Comment By Carl Selinger (Author)

:: Recently I posted a short review of Carl Selinger's new book, "Stuff You Don't Learn In Engineering School: Skills For Success In The Real World." Carl read the review, and submitted a timely comment regarding the importance of information and research skills:

As the author of "Stuff You Don't Learn in Engineering School," thanks for the great review! Also thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt ... I think that information and research skills -- while of course critically important -- are not really "soft" skills like the others covered. But we are on the same page: I'm now covering other skill areas not in the book in continuing articles in IEEE Spectrum, and the 1/05 web-only article on "Drowning in Data" deals with information overload & keeping up ... and emphasizes the importance of staying current in your field, and gives a few tips on researching issues.
I thank Carl for the response, and very much appreciate that he will be covering skills such as research and information gathering in his forthcoming IEEE Spectrum columns. Well done!

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