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Infotrieve to Launch Life Science Research Center

:: Paula Hane reports the following on InfoToday:

March 14, 2005 — Infotrieve, Inc. (http://www.infotrieve.com), a company that has specialized in document delivery for information professionals in the STM (scientific, technical, and medical) markets, has announced the upcoming launch of a new Web-based “search and discovery” research environment for scientific researchers in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other life science-related industries. The new Life Science Research Center (LSRC), which is scheduled to launch on March 25, will let bench scientists and lab workers search the full text of diverse types of content (both core literature—like journals, book chapters, and patents—plus scientific content, such as gene data) and then discover common themes and relationships among the results.

“Infotrieve’s LSRC will have an immediate positive impact by simplifying the search process for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other life science-related researchers,” said Wes Crews, Infotrieve president and CEO. “Scientists shared with us that they are overloaded with information and that information is in too many places, making the discovery process inefficient and time-consuming. The LSRC streamlines the search process, facilitating faster and more relevant results.

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