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Handbook of Chemistry & Physics Updating Policy

:: Excerpted from a post on CHMINF-L, David R Lide, Editor-in-Chief, CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, explains the policy of updating HCP:

Each annual edition provides an opportunity to add new material, update/expand existing tables, and correct errors. Certainly, all errors that we have found or that have been brought to our attention by users are corrected in each new edition. We typically introduce five or six new topics each year, and five to ten existing tables are updated or expanded. The net result is the at least 5% of the book is substantially changed each year. In some years, when a very long table is updated, the changes can amount to 10-20%.

In regard to updating, we pay particular attention to data and recommendations from official bodies such as IUPAC, CODATA, and Government bodies. Thus we update things like atomic weights, fundamental physical constants, the IUPAC pH scale, the NTP carcinogen list, and permissible limits of contaminants in the workplace as soon as they are available (and occasionally even before they are formally published). In very active research areas where modern instruments are generating more accurate data than were previously available, we try to do a major revision of the pertinent Handbook tables every two or three years.

I should mention that the 86th Edition, which will appear in July 2005, will include a major facelift, in addition to the updates just described. The typeface and general layout have been improved, and many tables have been reorganized to make them more easily readable.

I hope this information is helpful. Please send me any suggestions for additions or other improvements to the Handbook.

David R. Lide
Editor-in-Chief, CRC handbook of Chemistry and Physics
13901 Riding Loop Dr.
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Phone/Fax: 301-738-7147
email: drlide AT post DOT harvard DOT edu:


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