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Cites & Incites Insights

:: I am obviously having trouble keeping up with Walt Crawford. I missed noting the v5 n2: Midwinter 2005 issue of Cites & Incites Insights, which appeared between January and February. When you are finished with that issue, check out the v5 n5: Spring 2005 issue as well. BTW, Walt, please consider changing the name, because quite obviously, I have a mental block with the title as it is now. ;-)


I'm just noting the irony that you called Walt's publication "Cites and Incites" and not "Cites and Insights." Hee Hee

Does "not gonna happen" say it well enough? Quite apart from the serials librarians with flaming torches, I don't particularly try to incite people with my insights, such as they are.

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