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What's Up?

:: The February 2005 issue of Walt Crawford's always entertaining Cites & Incites Insights is now available.

:: In the v6 n3 January 2005 issue of The Charleston Advisor, Louise F Deis (Princeton) and David Goodman (Long Island U) review Web of Science (2004 version) and Scopus. Richard T Sweeney and Haymwantee Singh of the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, respond to the review.

:: Issue 6.2 of ACS's Livewire is available.

:: EEVL Column: Four Search Engines and a Plaque. Roddy MacLeod looks at some recent developments to the EEVL service.

:: In Péter's Digital Reference Shelf for February 2005, Péter Jacsó reviews RDN - the Resource Discovery Network:

RDN is set up in eight hubs, each of which represents a group of specific disciplines that develop and maintain annotated directories of Web resources in their fields, as well as other educational materials, such as tutorials in digital format for Web distribution.
Among the eight hubs are EEVL and PSIgate, the Physical Sciences Information Gateway.


Well, it's Cites & Insights--I try not to incite people too often--but thanks for the kind words in any case.

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