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Subscribing to an Email List (Listserv) Using Bloglines

Randy has asked that I copy this post from BDW into STLQ. I'm glad I wasn't the only one in the dark.

I feel like I just invented water, but a number of people I know as well as myself could not for the life of us figure out how to subscribe to a listserv that required any kind of email to be sent using Bloglines. It was easy enough to understand how Bloglines could generate an email address to include in a web form, but without being able to send from that address, we were dead in our tracks. It turns out it's a dead simple process. For others of you who may be as slow on the uptake as I am...

1) Log into Bloglines

2) Click "Add" (top left-hand corner)

3) Look towards the bottom of the page where it says "Create an Email Subscription"

4) Fill in the blanks (e.g. Name = web4lib; Folder = listservs; ...)

5) Click "Create Email Subscription"

6) NOW, go to the folder that you created and the subsequent title of the feed/page you also just created

7) VOILA. At the top of the page you now have the option to "Send Email" and the ability to include any commands you require (e.g. TO SUBSCRIBE TO WEB4LIB:
Send the message "subscribe Web4Lib your name" to listserv@sunsite.berkeley.edu)

That easy!! You are able to reply, forward and do other standard email functions as well.

As of today, I'm listserv free! Hooray for my inbox!

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