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Royal Society of Chemistry Announces Three New Book Series

:: From a post on CHMINF-L:

2005 sees exciting times for RSC book publishing, with the launch of three new series.

Firstly, Biomolecular Sciences is a new series of research level books, covering the areas of structural biology, chemical biology, informatics, drug discovery and development, and biophysical chemistry. Ideal for academics and professionals, either with a chemical, biochemical or biological background, conducting research in appropriate chemical and biological science disciplines.

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, a series edited by Nobel prize winner Harry Kroto and Paul O'Brien, will also be launching. This book series will cover the wide ranging areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology. In particular, the series will provide a comprehensive source of information on research associated with nanostructured materials and miniaturised lab on a chip technologies. This series will provide an accessible reference for professionals and researchers in academia and industry.

The field of toxicological research is rapidly expanding and diversifying driven by the need to understand the human and ecological risks of exposure to chemicals and other toxicants. Our third new series, Issues in Toxicology is devoted to coverage of modern toxicology and assessment of risk and is responding to the resurgence in interest in these areas of scientific investigation. Written by expert scientists from academia, government and industry, each book will serve as a reference and guide to investigations in toxicology, biomedicine, biochemistry, forensics and environmental/pollution sciences.

For more information about these new additions to the RSC book portfolio go to http://www.rsc.org/is/books/series.htm

Heather Ellicott, Trade Marketing Manager Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Milton Road, Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0WF, UK Tel +44 (0)1223 432257, Fax +44 (0)1223 426017 http://www.rsc.org and http://www.chemsoc.org

While posting this, it occurred to me (again) how frustrating it is to have to find such press releases via listservs rather than the publisher's home site. I checked the RSC Press Releases Homepage, and as of today, Feb 15, nothing has been added since a Feb 3, 2005 notice. In addition to the above post on CHMINF-L, another post about RSC lauching OpenURL linking appears on CHMINF-L. Neither of these releases in on the RSC Press Release Homepage. More frustrating is that RSC does not have RSS embedded into their press release or news pages! Argh.

So the rhetorical question is: what is taking publishers so long to see the value of RSS, and add it to pages on their sites that are regularly updated, especially press release pages??? I don't have the time to start trolling publishers' sites, in an attempt to confirm which publishers are or are not using RSS. If you know of and STM publishers using RSS, please let me know.

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