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Google Scholar "Preferences" - Is Our World About to Get Rocked?

:: This is flying around listservs and discussion groups. From a post by Andrew Pace on WEB4LIB this morning:

Anyone seen Google Scholar today? There's a new "Preferences" section. Now if you are lucky enough to have your institution listed, you will get a link to your resolver within your hitlist results. Interestingly, the firefox extension trumps this link, I can't really discern the logic of when the resolver link appears and when it doesn't. I've only been looking at this for 5 minutes, but I don't think I like this direction. Wouldn't it be better if Google simply tried to send back the openURL so that extensions and bookmarklets would work properly? I think they are using DOI and OCLC# to build the links to various resolvers. Are they going to offer every library's resolver here? There's an idea, Google as the authoritative list of link resolvers!
In our office, Geoff noted that "I think this is a rather large signpost, especially for Sirsi et al, that the world of the OPAC is about to get rocked."

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