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EV2 Rolls out RSS

:: Engineering Village 2 is now including RSS feeds with every search query. It's a brilliant move, and sets a new standard for "current awareness" regarding database searching. From the Ei site:

Engineering Village 2 provides RSS feeds of your search queries. Once you have executed a search, you can post the latest updated records that match your query to your RSS aggregator and share the results with others within your institution. Engineering Village 2 RSS feed includes titles of the records and links back to Engineering Village 2 for the detailed record. You need to be in an IP authenticated environment that has access to Engineering Village 2 to view the detailed record.
What's more, the RSS feeds work in standalone RSS readers like Awasu or Sharpreader, but also in web-based readers like Bloglines or My Yahoo.

Until this morning (now Feb 18), the only glitch was that it wouldn't work outside of an IP-authorized environment, even with proxy authentication. However, in the past 15 hours, the wizards at Engineering Information upgraded the functionality of their RSS feature, so it now works when you are off-campus, or away from your IP-authorized location. From off-campus, authenticate using your institution's protocol(s), check your EV2 RSS feeds in Bloglines, click on any entry from a feed, and it opens another window with the Detailed Record. Score another coup for EV2!


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Do you know how this worked? I guess I'm not following how just getting your credentials would fix anything. The links in the RSS feed would still not be proxied...

Ross: I don't know what Engineering Information did to make it work, but it makes sense to me. The links in the RSS feed cannot open up to the full record unless the IP address is recognized as being on the allowed IP domain. By invoking the proxy server, my off-campus computer thinks it is on campus, because its IP address has been changed to a campus IP address. So the links open up.

- Randy

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