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Dialog Divides into Sci-Tech/Intellectual Property and Business/News

:: Today's ITI NewsBreaks has a few items of interest:

Dialog Divides into Sci-Tech/Intellectual Property and Business/News - "Dialog and DataStar will shift to Thomson Scientific & HealthCare. Its general manager will be David Brown, who will report to president and CEO Vin Carraher. The remaining units (NewsRoom, NewsEdge, Profound, LiveNews, and Intelliscope) will stay as part of Thomson Legal & Regulatory. Its general manager will be Ciaran Morton, who will report to president and CEO Steve Buege. The general managers will remain at their present physical locations—Brown in Cary, N.C., and Morton in London. The general manager title seems a bit of a comedown from their previous job titles of senior vice president and executive vice president, but Thomson’s take is that the titles reflect their new “wall-to-wall operating responsibilities.”"

Three other items of interest are covered in the Weekly News Digest:

1. USPTO Makes Trademark Application File Available - "The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) says that now—for the first time via the Internet—anyone can use its Web site (http://www.uspto.gov) to review documents in the official trademark application file, including all decisions made by trademark examining attorneys as well as their reasons for making them. The system, known as Trademark Document Retrieval (TDR), offers the public an advanced electronic portal to PDF viewing, downloading, and printing of an array of information and documents for more than 460,000 trademark applications totaling more than 8 million document pages."

2. Techstreet Offers Free Standards Tracking - " Techstreet (http://www.techstreet.com), a business of The Thomson Corp., announced that it will offer free, unlimited standards tracking at Techstreet via “the Online Standards Superstore.” The service is designed for engineers, corporate librarians, and technical professionals who need to stay on top of the ever-changing rules for product design, testing, safety, compliance, and quality control. Users can browse and click to create a custom list of industry standards important for their work; they will receive automatic e-mail notices when any of those standards are revised or amended."

3. Ovid Introduces Statistics Reporting Tool - " Ovid Technologies, Inc. (http://www.ovid.com), a provider of electronic medical, scientific, and academic information research solutions, announced a new statistical reporting tool, Ovid Stats, for the Ovid Web Gateway interface. Ovid Stats is designed to provide administrators with a reporting tool that allows for quick and efficient usage monitoring of their Ovid databases, books, and journals. With detailed usage information, administrators can make better informed content purchasing decisions."

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