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Combined Chemical Dictionary Expands Its Content

:: The Combined Chemical Dictionary, available via CHEMnetBASE, expanded its content today. From an e-mail from Dr Fiona Macdonald, Publisher, Chemistry, Taylor and Francis Books:

Changes include:
  • Addition of 5,900 new compounds
  • Now contains 188,000 natural products, 46,000 drugs, 276,000 organic compounds and 103,000 inorganic/organometallic compounds
  • Literature coverage to mid -2004
We purchased CHEMnetBASE many moons ago, and were happy to stop using the CD-ROM equivalents. Note that "Searching each Chemnetbase product is completely free of charge - you can browse, perform searches and view search hitlists. If you want to view or print the full product entries you will need a current subscription."

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