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The Literature of Chemistry: Recommended Titles for Undergraduate Library Collections

:: On CHMINF-L, Gary Wiggins posted information about a new book by Judith Douville, who is the Science & Technology Editor for Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. The book is called The Literature of Chemistry: Recommended Titles for Undergraduate Chemistry Library Collections. From the ALA site:

A comprehensive, annotated, guide to current books, Internet resources, and journals in chemistry designed for use by students, faculty, and researchers. Includes coverage of over 1,800 resources in all major fields, including analytical, physical, organic, inorganic, and environmental chemistry. Contains 11 chapters plus extensive index.
Gary added:
The comprehensive, annotated guide to over 1,100 core chemistry titles is divided into the following categories:

1. Basic Chemistry
2. Aplied Sciences Related to Chemistry
3. Analytical Chemistry
4. Physical Chemistry
5. Organic Chemistry
6. Inorganic Chemistry
7. Environmental Chemistry
8. Industrial Chemistry
9. Polymer Chemistry
10. Biological Chemistry
11. Internet Resouces in Chemistry.

There is also a section on Journals in Chemistry that reproduces the January 2004 American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training Journal List for Undergraduate Programs.

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