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Submitting News Items to Engineering Journals

Writing on ELDNET-L, Barbara Shader of the Robert E Kennedy Library, posted the following query:

One of our editors for the College of Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has compiled a list of engineering journals that she alerts whenever there is anything newsworthy in the College of Engineering at Cal Poly. She has asked me to look over this list for completeness. I have added some additional titles but I would like to check with the membership to see if any of you have similar lists and if so, would you be willing to share your list. I will be glad to share our list upon request.

Also, our editor is wondering if any of you have developed a method for feedback whenever anything you send to these journals is actually published. Our editor has asked the journals for this information but it is rarely supplied and she only discovers that pieces have been used when a faculty member takes the time to alert her to the news item.

Thanks in advance for your help, Barbara

Barbara Schader
Librarian for Science, Math & Engineering
bschader AT calpoly.edu

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