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Firefox Plugin for Searching the CISTI Catalogue

:: From Richard Ackerman's Science Library Typepad comes word of the creation of CISTI catalogue search engine plugins for Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox and Netscape. The plugins are created by Stephen Anthony. I installed the CISTI Catalogue Keyword Search (English), which took all of a few nanoseconds to join the other plugins in my Firefox search window, and it works well. Stephen, thanks for this! Now, please create a plugin that searches for serial publications in the CISTI catalogue!

CISTI, The Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, houses an extensive collection in the sciences, engineering, technology and health sciences, including over 50,000 serial titles. The CISTI catalogue searches its collection as well as that of CAL, the Canadian Agricultural Library.


I think this is very useful. I was wondering if the research community would like to have a plug-in for EV2?

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