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Article Duplication in Emerald/MCB Journals - Update from Phil Davis

:: As reported some time ago, Cornell U Life Sciences Librarian Phil Davis, through simple keyword searching, identified 409 articles from 67 journals published by Emerald that had been republished between 1989 and 2003, without notification. Davis' initial study will be published in v49 n2 Spring 2005 issue of Library Resources & Technical Services

Davis is now reporting that the duplication is more extensive than first reported. He has submitted a letter to the editor of LR&TS, expected to be published in the v49 n4, Summer 2005 issue. The draft manuscript is available on his web site:

Article duplication within Emerald/MCB publications is more extensive than first reported. It has now been identified in 73 journals spanning a period from 1975 to 2003. This letter will address updates to the initial findings and react to Emerald’s response. It will investigate the relationships between Emerald, MCB and Barmarick Publications, and shed light on possible conflicts of interest in management functioning simultaneously as owners, editors and authors. Is this a case where commercial interests have outweighed editorial independence?
Further information is available from the Library Journal Academic News Wire: January 11, 2005, available to subscribers only. Thanks to Bob Michaelson at Northwestern for this information.

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