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The Role of RSS in Science Publishing - Syndication and Annotation on the Web

:: The v12 n10, December 2004, issue of D-Lib Magazine features an article by Tony Hammond, Timo Hannay, and Ben Lund, three members of the Nature Publishing Group. The article, The Role of RSS in Science Publishing, discusses Really Simple Syndication, (or Rich Site Summary, or RDF Site Summary, depending on the hour of the day), and how its use is growing within science publishing. From the introduction:

The bastion of online publishing is under threat as never before. RSS is the very antithesis of the website. It is not a 'home page' for visitors to call at, but rather it provides a synopsis, or snapshot, of the current state of a website with simple titles and links. While titles and links are the joints that articulate an RSS feed, they can be freely embellished with textual descriptions and richer metadata annotations. Thus said, RSS usually functions as a signal of change on a distant website, but it can more generally be interpreted as a kind of network connector—or glue technology—between disparate applications. Syndication and annotation are the order of the day and are beginning to herald a new immediacy in communications and information provision. This paper describes the growing uptake of RSS within science publishing as seen from Nature Publishing Group's (NPG)


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