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FreshPatents - Track US Patent Applications Before Final Decision is Made

:: Thanks to Rafael Sidi at Elsevier Engineering Information, who sent a note about this interesting site. FreshPatents.com lists the latest US patent applications each week, in advance of the USPTO decision to grant or deny the patent. Registration is free. Features include:

  • Monitor Keywords: enter up to ten keywords or phrases; digests, or summaries of all matches, will be e-mail on Monday
  • Location: if you are interested in tracking patent applications from Gilsdorf, Luxemborg, or New York City, you can search by location. All data is current from August 2004.
  • Inventor or Agent: If you know the name of an inventor or an agent, you can track his or her patent application submissions.
  • Industry: Track applications by industry, including computer hardware, software, displays/optics/imaging, electronics & electrical, entertainment/recreation, firearms/explosives, food & beverage, industrial tools/resources, medical, health & biology & drug, security/law enforcement, telecommunications/radio, agriculture & animal, apparel, fashion, beauty, accessories, business services, chemistry, chemicals and physics, construction & real estate, energy, engine/transmission, environment & waste management, home & building tools/resources, minerals, metals & materials, packaging & paper, printing & media/publishing, textiles, transportation.
Regarding the Industry tracking, RSS has been implemented in most, if not all, of the subcategories of the subjects listed above. Interested in patents on chemistry of carbon compounds, alloys or metallic compositions, musical instruments, or optical waveguides? Plug the XML feed for each category into your RSS reader, and you're on your way. Kudos to FreshPatents for this implementation; what needs to be done next is to expand the RSS feeds into the other search options, such as location and inventor.

For those whose research and development involves awareness of the work of others in the same or related field(s), this is one way to (try to) stay ahead of the rest of the pack.

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