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Librarians Vs Technology

:: In the Nov-Dec 2004 issue of Information Highways, from the e-Content institute, is an interesting article on how librarians need to deal with the belief of so many people that if it isn't on Google, it doesn't exist. The article features comments from Rita Vine, Gary Price and Gwen Harris. Vine notes:"The three of us comment on how librarians can bring added value to the work of amateur researchers who live in a plug-in-the-keyword world." Price adds:

Note: I'm not a big fan of the headline. Librarians need to learn how to exploit available technology to best serve ourselves and our users. We also need to be doing much the same with info technology developers. I don't look at it as an adversarial situation -- one (librarians) versus the other (technology). Maybe our users see it this way (at least today), but here's where improving our marketing skills (both as a group and individually) can come into play and make a difference. Technology/web search, etc., offers our profession plenty of chances to use our teaching skills. It's all about learning to be relevant in the age of 24x7, "everyone is a searcher" technology.

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