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Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science

:: On PAMNET, A Ben Wagner asks the following regarding the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science series:

Here at the University at Buffalo, we are considering investing in electronic access to entire Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science that includes Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics. This large series has 200-300 titles per year published so it would be a major commitment. We buy many of these in print, but would probably go e-only from this point on.

I would be interested in hearing about anyone's experience who has subscribed to this resource online. Feel free to contact me off-list. I will send a summary of responses to the list while maintaining anonymity of individual institutions.

-- A. Ben Wagner
Sciences Librarian
University at Buffalo
The State University of New York
abwagner AT buffalo DOT edu

Here at the U of Alberta, we are hoping to begin a subscription to this series as soon as possible, as it is the Number One request from our local comp sci department.

:: Issue 5.8 of ACS's LiveWire is now available.

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