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All of OCLC’s WorldCat Heading Toward the Open Web

:: Some months ago, I wrote about Yahoo! and Google's inclusion of OCLC WorldCat records. In 2003, Barbara Quint wrote of the OCLC test project, where approximately 2 million of the 53 million+ records on OCLC WorldCat were made available via Google. Quint follows up with a report that the pilot project has been a success, and as a result, OCLC will open its entire collection of 53.3 million items for "harvesting" by Google and Yahoo! :

Excited by the "resounding success" of the Open WorldCat pilot program, the management of OCLC, the world’s largest library vendor, has decided to open the entire collection of 53.3 million items connected to 928.6 million library holdings for "harvesting" by Google and Yahoo! Search. A letter from Jay Jordan, president and CEO of OCLC, went out to members on Oct. 8. Currently, the Open WorldCat subset database contains about 2 million records, all items held by 100 or more academic, public, or school libraries, some 12,000 libraries all told. The new upgraded Open WorldCat program will automatically include all OCLC libraries contributing ownership information (holdings) to WorldCat, unless the library asks to have its holdings excluded. In January 2005, Open WorldCat will officially graduate from a pilot program to a permanent "ongoing program"; however, the database will be open for "harvesting" to Google and Yahoo! Search as early as late November 2004.

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