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News Items of Interest from Information Today

Amazon Launches A9.com Search Site
A9.com, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc., has launched A9.com to make searching the Internet more effective. The new site builds on a beta test version the company introduced in April 2004 that offered Google searching of the Web combined with searches of Amazon's books and site information from Amazon's subsidiary, Alexa Internet. The official launch of A9.com adds several information sources and new search and organizational features. The company says the new site is more of an information management tool.

BioMed Central Offers Institutional Repository Service
BioMed Central, an independent online publishing firm committed to open access, has launched a repository service for universities and research institutions. Open Repository offers professional help to institutions to quickly and easily build, launch, maintain, and populate their institutional repositories. BioMed Central says the service has been designed to be flexible and cost-effective. The Open Repository service makes it possible for institutions that could not otherwise afford, or lack the infrastructure or technical capacity in-house, to set up repositories.

SpecInfo Debuts on Wiley InterScience
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. announced the launch of SpecInfo on Wiley InterScience. The launch marks the first time Wiley has made the collection available on the Internet through Wiley InterScience. SpecInfo provides an integrated spectroscopy solution for viewing, predicting, and searching spectra. SpecInfo collections cover three specialized fields: Infrared (IR), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), and Mass Spectroscopy (MS). All the data included in SpecInfo are curated--databases are quality-controlled at the point of data preparation and are sourced from reputable laboratories and peer-reviewed literature.

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