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IEEE Title Change - Again!

:: George Porter notes the following title change (actually a split into two new titles). This is one of those "what the - ??" moments, that makes you wonder if someone at IEEE lost it for a moment when this decision was made regarding the timing. George suggests that this change could complicate OpenURL linking services. Consider the plight of the poor serial cataloguer as well, not to mention the headaches this will cause researchers trying to nail down a specific issue. And then there will be the citation screwups in article bibliographies...

IEEE has changed the title/website, mid-year/volume no less, of IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation to IEEE Transactions on Robotics. Same ISSN, though, which is bound to complicate many an OpenURL linking service. Here's a brief review of the historic run of this journal, arranged in reverse chronological order..

IEEE Transactions on Robotics
Fulltext v20(4)+ (August 2004+); ISSN: 1042-296X

IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation
Fulltext v5-20(3) (1989-June 2004); ISSN: 1042-296X

IEEE Journal of Robotics and Automation
Fulltext v4 (1988); ISSN: 0882-4967

IEEE Journal of Robotics and Automation
Fulltext v1-3 (1985-1987); ISSN: 0882-4967

- George Porter

Brian Quigley noted the new title that emerges from this mid-volume split is called:

IEEE Transactions on Automation Science & Engineering
Fulltext v1+ (July 2004+); ISSN: 1545-5955

The other annoying bit is that IEEE hasn't crossreferenced the title change from the existing page on IEL. In other words, the IEL page for Robotics and Automation, IEEE Transactions references earlier versions of the journal, but doesn't link to the new version, Robotics, IEEE Transactions on [see also Robotics and Automation, IEEE Transactions on]. You will notice the See Reference from the new title to the previous version, but as well, there is no actual link to the previous incarnation from the this page. Does that make sense?

At the very least, IEEE might had a new ISSN assigned to IEEE Transactions on Robotics, to prevent future problems with online catalogues, software using ISSN's for linking, etc.

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