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Free and/or OA Journals in Librarianship - George Porter

Yesterday, George Porter, on a number of discussion groups, wrote about free and open access journals dedicated to the profession. Additional titles in the list were e-mailed to me directly.

Today's launch of Biomedical Digital Libraries [see note on Open Access News, hosted by BioMed Central, got me to thinking about the tools of the librarian trade. Here are the complete fulltext journals, either free or Open Access, which come to my mind. I'm sure I'll miss a few, which is why I'm casting a pretty wide net.

Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship
Fulltext no0+ (1991+); ISSN: 1092-1206

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large (CI:CaL)
Fulltext v1+ (2001+); ISSN: 1534-0937

D-Lib Magazine
Fulltext v1+ (1995+); ISSN: 1082-9873

Current Cites
Fulltext v1+ (1990+); ISSN: 1060-2356

Cultivate Interactive Fulltext no1-9 (2000-2003); ISSN: 1471-3225

Public-Access Computer Systems Review (PACS Review)
Fulltext v1-9 (1990-1998); ISSN: 1048-6542

Fulltext no1+ (1996+); ISSN: 1361-3200

First Monday
Fulltext v1+ (1996+); ISSN: 1396-0466

Journal of Electronic Publishing
Fulltext v1-8 (1995-2002); ISSN: 1080-2711

Learned Publishing
Fulltext v10+ (1997+) 1 year moving wall
Print ISSN: 0953-1513 | Online ISSN: 1741-4857

Bulletin of the Medical Library Association
Fulltext v1-89 (1911-2001); ISSN: 0025-7338

Journal of the Medical Library Association
Fulltext v90+ (2002+); ISSN: 1536-5050

Technology Electronic Reviews
Fulltext v1+ (1994+); ISSN: 1533-9165

Journal of Digital Information (JoDI)
Fulltext v1+ (1997+); ISSN: 1368-7506

IFLA Journal
Fulltext v24(2)+ (1998+); ISSN: 0340-0352

Information Research
Fulltext v1+ (195+); ISSN: 1368-1613

Library Philosophy and Practice
Fulltext v1+ (1998+); ISSN: 1522-0222

LIBRES Library and Information Science Research Electronic Journal
Fulltext v6+ (1996+); ISSN: 1058-6768

Sadly, of the several titles listed with definitive end dates, only one results from a title change. JEP has been missing in action for more than 2 years pending a relocation to Columbia University Press. - George Porter

George thanked Gary Price and Jenny Reiswig for additional contributions. Joanne Yeomans replied on a number of the discussion groups that the DOAJ lists 31 (now 32) titles in Library and Information Science.


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