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Chemistry and Science News Feeds

:: UK science writer David Bradley has created an RSS/XML chemistry and science news feed, linking together various news sites, including Reactive Reports Chemistry Webzine, Spectral Lines, Spotlight, and Sciencebase. Writing on CHMINF-L, Bradley noted:

You can preview the content at
http://www.sciencebase.com/RSS_science_newsfeed_preview.html where there is also a FAQ link on RSS

The actual XML file can be found at http://www.sciencebase.com/sciencebase.xml and will display the headlines in the latest version of the Opera web browser but will show as XML tagging in MSIE and others unless you're running a news aggregator. You can add it to your "My Yahoo!" using this link http://tinyurl.com/3ke25.

I've added a link to Sciencebase in the right hand column, under "Other Sites of Interest".


Thanks to those wonderful folks at CERN (Happy Birthday, by the way!) I found a neat stylesheet reference that will allow MSIE users to see my sciencebase XML file


So, while an aggregator or My Yahoo! would probably be the best option, allowing users to...well....aggregate, at least those without can still see the headlines rather than XML tags


David Bradley Science Writer


I recently adopted the world-famous SciScoop science news forum and thought readers of my original post would be interested to know that it too runs an RSS/RDF newsfeed

Science Forum Newsfeed. Visitors post items, logged in readers review and vote and comment on them, those getting votes above a threshold are posted to the front page.

More news on the Sciencebase science news updates - you can now sign-up to receive them by email, by WAP, and in different categories from astronomy and biology to sex and geek.

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