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Nanotechnology Resources

:: At the U of Alberta, nanoscience and nanotechnology is flourishing. Currently, faculty from at least 19 departments have projects in nano-related areas. NINT, The National Institute for Nanotechnology, is currently being constructed on campus, and will house ~440 people working in All Things Nano when it is constructed, including graduate students and researchers. NanoMEMS Edmonton has been formed, an organization bringing together the Edmonton microsystems and nanotech cluster.

I have created a library resource guide for nanoscience and nanotechnology. The most recent addition is the web site, AZoNano.com:

AZoNano.com is a knowledge tool that is intended to provide the science, engineering and design community worldwide with a continuously updating source of all the information they need to make an informed decision on the implementation or acquisition of nanotechnology.
Either through “static” mediums i.e. the knowledge base of articles and news items or through “dynamic” forms i.e. the community of experts.

Due to the collaborative publishing approach that has been adopted, AZoNano.com is totally free to access and is focused on the requirements of industrial end-users of Nanotechnology.

Other sites of interest include:If you know of any good nano-web resources, please let us know.


Small Times is another site that links to nanotechnology news stories, http://www.smalltimes.com/

they also have RSS feed.

Great listing of resources! Thank you!

Thanks, Garrett, I added Small Times to my resource guide. - Randy

tinytechjobs is a career web site focused on jobs in nanotechnology, biotechnology, microtechnology, and information technology. The site also contains many resources for those interested in nanotechnology, including education and research information and links, company information, a calendar of industry events, and links to journals, associations, and societies.

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