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Information Commons in a SciTech Library

:: Writing in STS-L, Janice M. Jaguszewski, U Minnesota, writes:

I am looking for examples of library-based information commons, or learning commons, that focus specifically on the physical sciences and/or engineering. If you have anything to share in response to the following questions, I would very much like to hear from you.

1. What unique "science-oriented" features do you offer? Visualization facilities? Scientific software? Group workstations for engineering design projects?
2. Is the space flexible for multiple uses or is it devoted to stationary workstations?
3. How is the commons funded?
4. Who staffs it?
5. Is it for students only or is it also intended for faculty and/or researchers?
6. Anything else you would like to share.

Please reply directly to Janice Jaguszewski, j-jagu AT umn.edu, and I will summarize for the group.

If your scitech library has an info commons, feel free to contact Janice with the details.

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