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Yahoo! and Google's Inclusion of WorldCat records

:: Hello again. I'm back from a two-week break. Geoff is still away, and will return on July 26. He was married on July 9th in St John's, Newfoundland. I attended the wedding, and played guitar during the ceremony.

:: Rita Vine, in Sitelines, has an interesting commentary on the inclusion of WorldCat records in Yahoo! and Google. I wasn't aware that this was happening, but it is an important development. I use WorldCat a lot, always my first choice when I need to verify the existence of something. Rita writes:

There has been more news this month of Yahoo!'s inclusion of Worldcat records (Google already has them) in its database.

This is interesting because it illustrates some real variations in current ranking and sorting differences between Yahoo! and Google.

As a test to see if the Worldcat records for a book would come up during an average search, I selected the book Your Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam by Joyce Bea Sterling (Real Estate Education Co., 2000) which is one of the Worldcat records captured by both Google and Yahoo. I chose the title because it was recent, because users looking to pass the exam could conceivably use Google to help them, and because the word selections for searching would be fairly obvious (amp real estate exam).

The full post is here.

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