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The Future of Chemistry

:: Dana Roth wrote the following in a recent post to CHMINF-L (with a slight editorial change):

Peter Golitz' editorial in the latest web issue of Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. mentions George Whitesides' seminal essay on the future of chemistry. This is apparently an update of Whitesides' 1990 review entitled "What Will Chemistry Do in the Next Twenty Years?".

Golitz then segues into a promotion of Wiley-VCH's 'Small'. Golitz concludes with some interesting examples of the internationalization of ACIE's authors and argues that ACIE's ISI impact factor isn't boosted by the publication of a 50 review articles in 2003.

The links are:

Editorial: The Future of Chemistry?
Peter Golitz

Assumptions: Taking Chemistry in New Directions
George M. Whitesides

- Dana L. Roth


A new formulation of chemistry named canonical chemistry is being launched.

Is canonical chemistry the future of fundamental chemistry?

This is a interesting project: Canonical chemistry.

Download pdfs at www.canonical.chemicalforums.com



If a young man like my self was doing a report on the future of chemistry ..........like where would it be in the year 2030 what would you do? or what would you do it on.

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