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Statistical Analysis of RTECS® Database

:: From a recent posting on CHMINF-L:

I recently prepared a detailed statistical analysis of the RTECS(®) database -- Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances. The analysis includes detailed statistics about coverage of the 158,000+ chemicals included in the database as of March, 2004, under the following headings:
    -acute toxicity
    -irritation data
The analysis generally includes statistics about common routes of administration, species tested, and measurement of results (e.g., LC50, LD50, etc.). It includes a list of the 10 most extensively covered substances in the database. There is also a list of the 10 most frequently cited journals/sources of information from the more than 3,100 individual sources that RTECS(R) cites. The document is seven pages, and it's available as a PDF file to anyone interested at: http://www.nisc.com/cis/RTECS_Analysis_March_2004.pdf

Anyone may feel free to contact me with any questions at
cissupport AT nisc.com.

Bill Earle, Chemical Information System

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