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Relative Value of an Open Access Article - Commentary by George Porter

:: Once upon a time, folk wisdom held that "a man's word is his bond." This evolved(?) into, "a verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on."

The recent Parliamentary inquiry into Open Access and STM publishing had proponents on both sides of an Open Access variation on that theme -- notably, those who contended that Open Access journals/articles were of profoundly dubious quality.

As one who still believes in the value of a promise, I'd like to call attention to evidence, not just supposition, of the value and validity of, at least one, OA article.

Microarray results: how accurate are they?
Kothapalli R, Yoder SJ, Mane S, Loughran TP
3: art. no. 22 2002

Currently cited 23 times in Web of Science, it was designated a 'New Hot Paper' by ISI's Essential Science Indicators service. To my surprise, the topic under which it appears as a New Hot Paper is Computer Science.

New Hot Paper Comments
By Ravi Kothapalli
ESI Special Topics, May 2004
Citing URL - http://www.esi-topics.com/nhp/2004/may-04-RaviKothapalli.html

I remembered having seen a news item about the New Hot Paper designation at
BioMed Central when I came across a citation in the bibliography of a current article in Plant Cell by a Caltech biologist. - George Porter

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