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Love in the (SciTech) Library?

:: While somewhat outside the scope of STLQ, please permit me this small indulgence on behalf of an old friend.

Madeleine Lefebvre is the University Librarian at St Mary's University in Halifax NS. She is also Past President of the Canadian Library Association, and a professional actress, whose films include Jack Bull with John Cusack, my favorite actor (who also shares my birthdate). (Yes, she has an IMDb entry!) She is also a fellow graduate with me, of the U of Alberta 1978 MLS class. But enough about Madeleine! As a favour, she has asked me to help publicize a project on which she is working: a book for Scarecrow Press, entitled The Romance of Libraries. In her own words:

I am writing a book for Scarecrow Press, tentatively called The Romance of Libraries. This will be a collection of true stories of people who met and fell in love in a library setting, which could be a library, or library school, or other related locale.

I would love to hear from anyone with a story to tell. Names and some details of place may be changed on request to protect privacy. I don't need polished stories - just personal accounts that I may edit and weave together under chapter headings. Not all stories will necessarily have happy endings. Poignancy and/or humour is welcomed.

This project is garnering a lot of interest. The contributors of all stories used in the book will receive a signed copy when it is published in 2005. Please visit my website at www.libraryromance.com.

If you met your true love in a library, please let Madeleine know about it, and you could end up signing autographs at a bookstore someday soon! Good luck, Madeleine!

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