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Four IOP Journals move to Taylor & Francis - Commentary from David Stern

:: The Institute of Physics Publishing announced on July 19, 2004, the sale of four of their journals: Waves in Random Media, Network: Computation in Neural Systems, Combustion Theory and Modelling, and Journal of Turbulence. David Stern, of the Yale U Science Libraries, offered these comments on SLAPAM-L:

In case others have not seen this, there are about to be some changes to the IoP packages. This will probably mean increased costs as these titles move to a commercial publisher, and certainly will mean we will reconsider our current IoP package purchases.

I am disheartened that newer titles we have altruistically supported are moving away from non-profit publishers. If this is happening because the IoP could not support these titles due to low subscription levels, the move to a commercial publisher would seem to be an even worse fate for the authors ... as even fewer libraries will be able to afford them and the articles will be seen by even fewer readers.

I hope new journal titles from non-profit publishers are not merely a breeding ground for eventual commercial titles. If this becomes a common pattern, we will no longer support new non-profit titles as the better alternative ... knowing they will come back to bite us as established alternatives to existing non-profit titles. We will simply ask non-profit publishers to expand their existing journals rather than start new niche publications.

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