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Engineering Web Offers Specialized Information -- ResearchBuzz, July 28, 2004

ResearchBuzz posted the following resource today:

Engineering Web Offers Specialized Information

Engineering Web Offers Specialized Information Catalogs, application notes, patents, product announcements, and a whole bunch of other stuff is available for search at GlobalSpec's Engineering Web ( http://www.globalspec.com ), a search engine for engineers.

Most of the real estate on the front page is devoted to a browse/search of over 11,000 supplier catalogs. On the left, though, you'll see a search for the "engineering Web" (engineering Web sites, good for the most part, needs a wee bit of tightening, "Carol Burnett" got 54 results many of which were obviously out of place). There's also application notes (concrete got 824 results), material properties sheets (concrete got 1,826 results), patents (crawling three different patent databases from 1982-present), and tools & useful sites (set up sort of like a searchable subject index, with categories covering both engineering-specific topics and ready reference.) While these specific data collections are useful if you're trying to zero in on something, you might want to search everything. Note the search form at the top of the home page and all the other pages I looked at. A query box lets you search any one or all of the components on the site.

In addition to all these searches, the site also offers a newsletter, a toolbar, and job listings.

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