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The Engineer of 2020: Visions of Engineering in the New Century [and] Communication Patterns of Engineers

:: The Engineer of 2020: Visions of Engineering in the New Century, has been released by The National Academies Press. The book can be purchased, but also read online for free (as can >3,000 other NAS titles). The book is from the National Academy of Engineering of the National Academies. Seems like a lot of academies to me. From p2 of the Executive Summary:

This report is the result of an initiative of the National Academy of Engineering that attempts to prepare for the future of engineering by asking the question, "What will or should engineering by like in 2020?" Will it be a reflection of the engineering of today and its past growth patterns or will it be fundamentally different? Most importantly, can the engineering profession play a role in shaping its own future? Can a future be created where engineering has a broadly recognized image the celebrates the exciting roles that engineering and engineers play in addressing societal and technical challenges? How can engineers best be educated to be leaders, able to balance the gains afforded by new technologies with the vulnerabities created by their byproducts without compromising the well-being of society and humanity. Will engineering be viewed as a foundation that prepares citizens for a broad range of creative career opportunities? Will engineering reflect and celebrate the diversity of all the citizens in our society? Whatever the answers to these questions, without doubt, difficult problems and opportunities lie ahead that will call for engineering solutions and the talents of a creative engineering mind-set.

:: Also worth a mention is the recent title by Carol Tenopir and Donald W King, Communication Patterns of Engineers. Tenopir and King were present at SLA to autograph copies of their book, published recently by Wiley. About the book:
Communication Patterns of Engineers brings together, summarizes, and analyzes the research on how engineers communicate, presenting benchmark data and identifying gaps in the existing research. Written by two renowned experts in this area, the text:
  • Compares engineering communication patterns with those of science and medicine
  • Offers information on improving engineering communication skills, including the use of communication tools to address engineering departmentsí concerns about the inadequacies of communication by engineers
  • Provides strong conclusions to address what lessons engineering educators, librarians, and communication professionals can learn from the research presented

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