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Report from SLA 2

:: I am back from SLA in Nashville, which already feels like it was a few weeks ago. Does time seem to move faster when you get older? In the final couple of days, I found myself wrapped up in board meetings, breakfast/lunch meetings, and chairing panels. Mix in the exhibit area and meeting old friends and making new ones, and the conference was quite rewarding.

Among those I met were bloggers Teri Vogel of Georgia State University Library, creator of the blog, Science News, and Christina Pikas, she of On Christina's Radar ("scitech stuff") and Christina's LIS Rant. I know that at one point, I saw MaryDee Ojala, one of the many InfoToday Blog - Live From Nashville! bloggers, but it was one of those ships-passing-in-the-night moments.

Unfortunately, I missed seeing the other two scitech library bloggers, fellow Canadians Catherine Lavallée-Welch of EngLib, and John Dupuis, of Confessions of a Science Librarian. Even more frustrating, John blogged on Catherine's site, and Christina and Catherine were blogging side-by-side at one point. Hey guys, what about me? :-( If Christina hadn't dropped me a note on the message board, I would've missed everybody! Catherine and John, really sorry I missed seeing you both. Hopefully in Toronto, this won't happen again.

Overall, I can report that between attending the many SLA-ENG board meetings and other functions, the vendor lunches and breakfasts, chairing the two panels, and meeting people and vendors in the exhibit area, I was able to attend but one session myself. Nonetheless, it felt like I accomplished a lot while I was there. Also of note, I spoke to Bob Michaelson of Northwester, about contributing to STLQ, and you can look forward to reading his words here, as well as more from Dana Roth at Caltech.


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