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ISI Adding Open Access Journals to Web of Science

:: Thomson ISI issued a press release in April, noting that of the 8,700 journals covered in Web of Science, 191 of them are open access titles.

Philadelphia, PA USA-London UK April 15, 2004—Today, Thomson ISI, a business of The Thomson Corporation, announced that journals published in the new Open Access (OA) model are beginning to register impact in the world of scholarly research. A significant number of Open Access journals meet the Thomson ISI selection criteria, which ensures that only the highest-quality content is indexed.

Of the 8,700 selected journals currently covered in Web of Science®, 191 are OA journals. Though small in comparison to the total number of journals indexed in Web of Science, the number is quite significant in terms of the progress made by the OA movement. The Thomson ISI editorial staff reviews nearly 2,000 journals annually, but only 10-12% of the evaluated journals are accepted. The same established set of criteria that is applied to traditionally published journals is also applied to OA journals as part of the selection process.

Also available is The Impact of Open Access Journals - A Citation Study from ISI. (Thanks, George.)

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