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Geochemical Transactions

:: The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has released Geochemical Transactions (2000-2003) for free fulltext access
http://www.rsc.org/Publishing/Journals/GT/Index.asp [via George Porter, STS-L].

Quoting from the blurb at RSC:

Geochemical Transactions is an electronic only journal covering all aspects of chemistry as it relates to materials and processes occurring in the Earth's aquasphere and geosphere.

Geochemical Transactions
Fulltext v1-4 (2000-2003)
Online ISSN: 1467-4866

Geochemical Transactions is a SPARC Alternative journal
<http://www.arl.org/sparc/core/index.asp?page=c1>, sponsored by the American
Chemical Society's Geochemistry Division
<http://membership.acs.org/g/geoc/>. Initially published in partnership
with the RSC <http://www.rsc.org/>, the journal has mounted the
aforementioned backfiles on AIP's Scitation platform
<http://scitation.aip.org/>, where the first article of 2004 has just been

Geochemical Transactions
Fulltext v1+ (2000+)
Online ISSN: 1467-4866

AIP is providing free access through 1 June 2004
<http://gt.aip.org/gt/announcements/access.jsp>, although the clock is
ticking. Institutional subscription for 2004 is $100.

The permit for the journal is a bit more fully explicated on the new website

Geochemical Transactions is intended to provide a medium for the rapid
publication of high-quality research in all areas of chemistry as it relates
to materials and processes occurring in the Earth's hydrosphere and
geosphere, including:

* organic geochemistry,
* inorganic geochemistry,
* marine and aquatic chemistry, including chemical oceanography, and
* biogeochemistry, including geomicrobiology.

An online-only service of the Division of Geochemistry of the American
Chemical Society, the journal publishes reports describing the results of
novel investigations of:

* geochemical or biogeochemical processes,
* molecular and isotopic analyses of geologic and hydrologic products,
* molecular and elemental cycles,
* relevant instrumental or analytical techniques, and
* relevant numeric or computational models.

Reports on both fundamental and applied research are welcome.

The Journal publishes articles, communications, and technical comments on
published research. Invited topical reviews may also be published from time
to time. Published material may include electronic "enhancements," such as
animations (e.g., of global circulation models or geologic flow and
convection) or data that can be downloaded for a reader's use.

ISI began indexing Geochemical Transactions in 2003, although,
unsurprisingly, Chemical Abstracts began inclusion upon the initial journal
launch. Currently, ISI's Web of Science includes all (17!) articles
published in volumes 3 and 4, 2002-2003. ISI's shortsightedness (failure to
include the journal more quickly; failure to go back to volume 1 when the
decision to index was finally made) has helped to contribute to the short
shrift this title has received.

I spoke with one of my faculty members in mid-April. He had given a keynote
address in March for the Geochemistry Division when ACS met in Anaheim in
March. He was reviewing the manuscript of an article, largely congruent
with his address, which was intended for publication in a major commercial
journal. The manuscript was not going to Geochemical Transactions simply
because the professor, a long time member of the Geochemistry Division, was
unaware (or only marginally so) that the Geochemistry Division has/had a
journal. A large portion of the blame for the stunted growth of this title
lies in the failure of ACS, the Geochemistry Division, the RSC, SPARC and
the library community to adequately communicate the existence of alternate
publication pathways once they've been created.

RSC's release of the backfiles, combined with the free access period at the
new website <http://gt.aip.org/>, will hopefully help to raise awareness of
this title. Here is my contribution to the process.

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