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Electromagnetic Field Theory - Another Online Textbook

:: Thanks to Tom Grydeland, Dept of Physics at the University of Tromsø, for sending an e-mail about another online textbook. Electromagnetic Theory, written by Bo Thidé, is available for downloading and use, free of charge:

Intended for the advanced undergraduate or graduate student, Electromagnetic Field Theory is a textbook on the theory of electrodynamics, at roughly the same level as the well-known textbooks by Jackson and Panofsky&Phillips. The book is written mainly from a classical field theoretical point of view, emphasising fundamental and subtle properties of the EM field and includes a comprehensive appendix on the mathematical methods used. It treats relativistic covariance and the Lagrangian/Hamiltionan formulation of electromagnetic field theory, with an eye on modern ideas of duality and unification of theories, and includes a rigorous, comprehensive and detailed treatment of EM radiation phenomena. The book does not treat the elementary and technological aspects of electromagnetism to any significant degree since these matters are already covered in intermediate-level textbooks such as Roald K. Wangsness, Electromagnetic Fields, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0471859125 (1987).

Electromagnetic Field Theory is intended as an Internet source which is freely available to physics students, at the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate level, and research workers anywhere. The current version of Electromagnetic Field Theory is being used in higher education at several universitites in Europe and the US.

Bo Thidé is the Program Director of the Institutet för rymdfysik, IRF (Swedish Institute for Space Physics)

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