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A Heat Transfer Textbook: A Free Electronic Textbook

:: The third edition of A Heat Transfer Textbook, written by John H Lienhard V (MIT) and John H Lienhard IV (U Houston), has been made available on the web. The book is an introduction to heat transfer, geared towards engineering students. It may be downloaded free of charge. The authors explain:

We are placing a mechanical engineering textbook into an electronic format for worldwide, no-charge distribution. The aim of this effort is to explore the possibilities of placing textbooks online -- effectively giving them away. Two potential benefits should accrue from doing this. First, in electronic format, textbooks can be continually corrected and updated, without the delays inherent in printed books (second and later editions are typically published on a five-year cycle). Second, free textbooks hold the potential for fundamentally altering the economics of higher education, particularly in those environments where money is scarce.


thank you.

Thank you very much for publishing this book online. You are doing a great service to engineering students all over the world. In this day in age, text books coving this topic cost up to and over $100, where the publishers pocket most of the money. I hope that many other professors will follow in your footsteps and publish books online and freely distribute it. After spending five years as a mechanical engineering student, I continually see students pay higher and higher prices for newer versions of the same books. The only differences are re-ordered homework problems, and some new gibberish that offers no additional insight to the subject. I don't know everything about mechanical engineering, but I'm sure the basic fundamentals of thermodynamics, dynamics, statics, heat transfer etc. hasn't changed drasticly enough in the past 25 years to justify the publishing of a new version of the book covering the particular subject, and charging students an additional $20 because there is a new fancy cover.


Vincent Lee
ASME at FAU Chair

thanks for making available this book on net

Making technical information and educational tools accessible on the web for free is a wonderful and worthwhile service.
Thank you very much!

please post this book

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