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Suber's List of Actions

In the latest SPARC OPen Access Newsletter, Peter Suber announces that that he has put together a very valuable list of "actions" dealing with university library subscriptions and public statements against rising journal costs. The list, which begins in Fall 2003, can be found at: http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/fos/lists.htm#actions

It's notable how many of the public statements mention the need to cultivate alternative forms of scholarly communication, and open access in particular, as part of the overall solution. It's notable how many recommend that faculty withhold their labor as authors, referees, and editors from journals that aggravate the problem rather than advance the solution. It's notable how often faculty were persuaded to endorse the cancellations despite the harm it does to their research projects and careers. It's notable how often faculty, librarians, and administrators (and at Berkeley, also graduate students) agreed on their long-term interest (in a better publishing system and better journals forever) and put it ahead of their short-term interest (journals next year).
Peter is absolutely correct that diplomacy and polite debate are clearly beginning to fall to the wayside in favour of more forthright arguments against the excessive profits of some publishers and the tightening purse strings of many university libraries.

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