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More on Chemistry Journals

:: Dana Roth offers this follow-up to his commentary about Helvetica Chimica Acta:

It was very refreshing to see the lead editorial, in the January 2004 issuelof the Australian Journal of Chemistry, discuss their view of the future as an Australasian Journal. Their intent is to broaden the Journal's connections to the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies and to "compete effectively with the most successful general chemistry journals around the world, such as:Speaking of the 'New Journal of Chemistry', 2004 saw the introduction of 'Perspective' articles, which feature the current interests of award-winning young scientists. For example, Christophe Copéret (a 2001 CNRS medal winner) authored the first 'Perspective' on the 'Design of Metathesis Catalysts', in the January 2004 issue.

In addition, 2004 will also see the introduction of a series of 'Interface' articles, where pairs of ... scientists from complementary disciplines ... will work to reduce the "dialog of the deaf" and help "make the interactions between specialists in different fields more efficient."

The 'Interface' articles will expand on 'Opinion' papers which were introduced in 2001 and have featured articles on; 'What is Supramolecular?', 'Some Thoughts on Chemistry and Biology', and 'A Chemical Concept from the Science Citation Index Database'.

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