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Googling IEEE Xplore

Interesting blurb from "Whats New @ IEEE For Students" about people finding their way to technical papers through Google...

IEEE recently announced that researchers worldwide can now locate technical papers published by IEEE when searching online using the Google search engine. Since then, IEEE Xplore traffic from Google users has risen dramatically. IEEE web tracking reports that Google referrals to IEEE Xplore have risen 1000% prior to the indexing of the site by Google. Google delivered 120,000 referrals to the IEEE Xplore Web site in December while the next highest search engine only delivered 19,000 referrals. The brief abstract records for IEEE papers, which Google has indexed, are available free to all researchers through IEEE Xplore. Access to IEEE online documents is available through institutional subscriptions, by individual online article purchase, or through subscriptions available to IEEE members. Visit IEEE Xplore at:

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