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News from IOP

The information below regardings developments to the Institute of Physics' (IOP) Electronic Journals service was received in an e-mail from the IoP.

    *Electronic Journals Quick Guide*
    A new step-by-step guide to our Electronic Journals service is now available online. A good introduction for new users and a useful refresher for existing ones, the Quick Guide runs through all of the key features of the service including searching, clustering, e-mail alerting and reference linking (forwards and backwards).

    The Quick Guide has been prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint so it can be used in a number of ways: you and your library users can work through it onscreen (in 'slide show' mode); the slides can be used for presentations or training sessions and/or they can be printed out and distributed as handouts.

    The Quick Guide is available online at http://www.iop.org/EJ/help/-topic=guide. A link to it can also be found in the top right corner of every page within our Electronic Journals service.

    *Journal Claim Form*
    An online Journal Claim Form has recently been created for subscribers. In the unlikely event that a printed issue of a journal does not arrive or electronic access is not available, this form can be used to notify our Customer Service team and Electronic Product Support team, respectively, to ensure a speedy resolution. The Journal Claim Form can found in the Librarians' channel of the service at http://www.iop.org/EJ/accclaim.

    *Free access to new titles*
    The Institute is pleased to announce 4 new journals for 2004 - all of which are free to access in 2004:

    *Journal of Geophysics and Engineering (http://www.iop.org/journals/jge)
    Published by the Nanjing Institute of Geophysical Prospecting and the Institute of Physics, this major new publication promotes research and developments in geophysics and related areas of engineering. It has predominantly an applied science and engineering focus, but also publishes contributions in all earth-physics disciplines from global geophysics to applied and engineering geophysics.
    ISSN 1742-2132 (Print). ISSN 1742-2140 (Online).

    *Journal of Neural Engineering (http://www.iop.org/journals/jne)
    Journal of Neural Engineering is a new forum for the interdisciplinary field of neural engineering, where neuroscientists, neurobiologists and engineers can publish their work in one periodical that bridges the gap between neuroscience and engineering. Articles will cover the field of neural engineering at the molecular, cellular and systems levels.
    ISSN 1741-2560 (Print). ISSN 1741-2552 (Online).

    *Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment (http://www.iop.org/journals/jstat)
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment is an authoritative, peer-reviewed international journal created by the International School for Advanced Studies and the Institute of Physics. It brings together cutting-edge research in all aspects of statistical physics, particularly emphasizing experimental work that impacts on fundamental aspects of the subject. ISSN 1742-5468 (Online).

    *Physical Biology (http://www.iop.org/journals/physbio)
    Physical Biology fosters the integration of biology with the traditionally more quantitative fields of physics, chemistry, computer science and other math-based disciplines. Its primary aim is to further the understanding of biological systems at all levels of complexity, ranging from the role of structure and dynamics of a single molecule to cellular networks and organisms (i.e. systems biology).
    ISSN 1478-3967 (Print). ISSN 1478-3975 (Online).

    *Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics: end of free access period* After a very successful first year, Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (JCAP) is now only available to subscribers (on its own, or as part of IOP's discounted journal packages B, Z and the new package H). Created by the International School for Advanced Studies and the Institute of Physics, the journal is receiving industry acclaim and is exceeding all editorial expectations - to date, over 1,000 pages of research have been published and more than 100 articles have been accepted. See http://www.iop.org/journals/jcap.
    ISSN 1475-7516 (Online).

    *Free and easy access to IOP Select*
    It is now easier than ever to read papers in IOP Select, a free journals service from the Institute comprising articles chosen for their novelty, significance and impact on future research. You no longer have to login to view the free papers. Instant access is available at http://select.iop.org. IOP Select was launched in September 2001 as a service to authors and readers and has proven to be extremely popular.

    *Historic Archive (1874-1993)*
    In 2000, we digitized the entire IOP journal archive. Access to all content older than 10 years is available for subscription or purchase. In 2004, this covers the period 1874-1993. Content from the most recent 10 years is available through our regular journal subscriptions. For further information, please visit http://ej.iop.org/pdf/historic_archive2004.pdf.

    If you have any queries about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Electronic Product Support team at custserv AT iop.org or your Regional Manager (see http://www.iop.org/EJ/enquiries for details).


I am interested in the physics of thunderclouds and plasma surface interactions and look forward to find novel data concerning these subjects

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