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Royal Society of London's Catalogue of Scientific Papers to be in 19th Century Masterfile

:: Catherine has already mentioned this, but it's worth repeating. In 2004, The Catalogue of Scientific Papers, 1800-1900, Royal Society of London, will be added to the 19th Century Masterfile database. The 19th Century Masterfile is primarily a non-scientific/technical database, covering pre-1920 studies. Nonetheless, it will be great to have the Catalogue of Scientific Papers added, making it much easier for scientists, engineers and other researchers to locate material in their subject areas from two centuries past.

The Catalogue of Scientific Papers' coverage included mathematics, mechanics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, meterorology, mineralogy, geology, geography, palaeontology, biology, botany, zoology, anatomy, anthropology, physiology, and bacteriology. Three subject index-volumes were published: pure mathematics, mechanics, and a two-part index for physics. Unfortunately, World War I interrupted the work, and the remaining 14 subject indices were never published. The 19th Century Backfile's keyword searching capabilities will compensate somewhat for the long-lamented absence of those indices.

There is another development regarding the Catalogue: the entire catalogue has been digitized, and is available for viewing via Gallica - la bibliothèque numérique (Bibliothèque national de France.) Click on "Recherche", and in the Mots du titre search box, type: catalogue of scientific papers, et voilà! - the entire catalogue is available in 20 search results.

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