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Quantitative Biology at arXiv.org

The following email re: open access materials was posted to STS-L on Friday.

I just noticed a new eprint archive at arXiv (formerly xxx.LANL.gov) -- Quantitative Biology. Subject groupings include:

# BM - Biomolecules
# CB - Cell Behavior
# GN - Genomics
# MN - Molecular Networks
# NC - Neurons and Cognition
# OT - Other
# PE - Populations and Evolution
# QM - Quantitative Methods
# SC - Subcellular Processes
# TO - Tissues and Organs

The q-bio announcement indicates the archive was established in mid-September 2003. This development is especially noteworthy in that biology, as a discipline, has not had the same preprint sociology which nurtured the development of arXiv.org for the mathematics and physics communities.

George S. Porter
Sherman Fairchild Library of Engineering & Applied Science
California Institute of Technology

Two other big(ger) open access models covering Biological Sciences are of course those of BioMed Central and BioOne*.
*(BioOne is actually not open access, but rather yet another model of publishing involving "innovative collaboration between scientific societies, libraries, academe and the private sector." Journals via BioOne are low cost, but not open access.)

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