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Elsevier to Close Three End-User Portals

:: From Infotoday: "December 29, 2003 — An in-house employees’ newsletter, Elsevier Today, dated Dec. 3, revealed that a company review of portal operations had decided that “the contribution of this form of marketing to S&T's [science and technology] current business is not sufficient to continue the associated high investments.” Therefore, Elsevier plans to discontinue operation of its three end-user portals—BioMedNet (http://www.bmn.com), ChemWeb (http://www.chemweb.com), and ElsevierEngineering.com. Some current activities will migrate to the main Elsevier.com site, which may have some redesign." - Barbara Quint

:: Geoff and Randy wish all our readers a very Happy New Year!

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